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Our professional team has been cleaning, detailing, and protecting cars, with only the highest quality of service for decades. Stop by and see why we’re the best in the area. 


Top Quality

In order to make the process smooth, we offer an indoor location that’s open 5 days a week for detailing and automotive repair services in the Washougal, WA area.



We conserve water as much as possible, and use only the highest quality, environmentally friendly products, with the highest level of safety for you, your vehicle, and the environment.

About Righteous Rides

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Pro Detailing & ASE Certified Mechanic

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Contact Us

We’re open six days a week, Monday-Saturday. Give us a call and we’ll schedule an appointment.

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Tell Us The Problem

Describe the problem with your vehicle the best you can, and we’ll get with our ASE Certified Mechanic to figure out the best approach at solving your problem.

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Drop Off Your Vehicle

Based on the estimate and diagnosis of the problem, we’ll ask you to bring in your vehicle so we can take a closer look at it and fix the issue.

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Payment and Pickup

We accept all major credit cards for payment at the time of pickup. We’re also licensed, bonded, and insured!

Professional Auto Detailing & Mechanic Services Right Here In Washougal, WA

We’re your full-service detailing and auto mechanic solution, for every type of vehicle, throughout the Vancouver, Washougal, or Clark County area. From high-performance automobiles and Semi’s, to yachts and RVs in Clark County, Vancouver, and Washougal –  Righteous Rides demonstrate every day why they are the very best in the area when it comes to service.

More About Righteous Rides

Operated exclusively by Matt Cain, a well known detailing name among local auto aficionados. His superior level of care, and professional service, have made him the first choice for discerning vehicle owners. He specializes in detailing, and he’ll deliver the best swirl-free mirror finish in Clark County, and beyond, guaranteed!


Auto Mechanics

Motor Swaps, transmission swaps, head jobs, rear end swap, head gaskets, timing belts, clutches, radiators, tune ups, starters, alternators, electrical, brakes, shocks, suspensions, and more!



Auto detailing that packages that includes interior/exterior hand wash, vacuum, wipe down headboard, dress and trim, plus more!

1414 E St B, Washougal, WA 98671
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Monday-Saturday 9am-7pm
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Get in touch and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.We look forward to hearing from you!

Righteous Rides Motorsports, LLC
1414 E St B
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Open Monday – Saturday from 9am-7pm
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Phone: 360-335-5832